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Educational programmes

Our educational programmes are suitable for all pupils and students of regular and special-needs schools as the guided tours are tailored to the visitors' age and knowledge. Your guides explain important issues of everyday life in the Middle Ages and encourage the young people to compare them to today's living conditions. Special programmes also allow for meeting challenges of then and now in the original surroundings of a Slavic longhouse, a motte-and-bailey castle or a tavern.


The half-day programmes in the singular setting of the History Park constantly initiate learning processes. The aim is to transfer the experiences that the group or the individual has during the activities into every-day life by contemplating them thoroughly. Virtues such as respectfulness, consideration, trust and sincerity are ever-present during the courses and become real life thanks to games and activities. Our programmes invite you to get to know and overcome your personal limits and to gain new experiences within the team.




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