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How do you light a fire without a lighter or match? What did people eat a thousend years ago? What kind of games did they play? How did they go about their everyday chores, and how does this compare with what we are accustomed to today?


Children of all ages and youths of all kinds of training experience can set out to find answers to such questions in the programs we offer through our educational services. They can experience life in the Middle Ages in a way which is both fun and educational, by either taking a captivating guided tour through the medieval houses, or participating in one of the many different courses we provide. This hands-on experience of medieval everyday life allows them to discover for themselves solutions and answers to the challenges that their ancestors would have faced.


Sinde 2012, our park has been cooperating with an experienced and dedicated partner, Learning Campus, a project run by VEZ e.V., a non-profit organisation based on Zessau. This alliance guarantees a professional level of quality as we constantly expand our range of activities. Learning Campus is active in a wide range of educational fields, which promote active participation, the appreciation of nature and basic values. Their indoor and aoutdoor courses allow all participants, from students to managers, and from small teams do larger corporations, to open a door to novel and insiring experiences. 


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Our educational programm is designed to provide the following experiences:


  • a close-up experience of medieval everyday life
  • an active paticipation in the chores and crafts which were an important part of this life
  • an understanding of the Middle Ages through additional context information
  • a strengthened team spirit and an improved cooperation acquired through overcoming challenges
  • a deeper reflection on these first-hand experiences, with the opportunity to compare them to the participants' own everyday life



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