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Guided tours for schools

120504 FührungWho knows how people made fire in the Middle Ages? What did they eat then and what games did children in the Middle Ages play?  Children, young people as well as adults can learn the answers to all those questions during age-appropriate guided tours.

  • imparting knowledge on the settlement and regional history
  • learning about and discovering the Middle Ages


  • open: March to November
  • group size: from 12 persons
  • age: 6 years and older
  • contents: experiencing an archaelogical open-air museum during an age-appropriate guided tour
  • length: 90 to 120 min, either in the morning or the afternoon
  • fees: 7,00 Euro per person


Additional options for guided tours

Available only combined with guided tours

•    shooting with bow and arrows
•    throwing the javelin
•    fire-making with stone and steel + baking stick bread over the fire
•    boating in the dug-out canoe

  • length: one hour per option
  • fees: 7,50 Euro per option and person





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