A Joint Project

The carefully reconstructed medieval buildings are the main attraction in our historic park - and hard to overlook! But filling a projekt on this scale with lige needs the dedication and effort of a lot of people. From the very beginning, we achieved this through an alliance of voluntary, employed and scientific contributors.....


  • Via Carolina, the society which initiated the project and owns the park, provides the voluntary element through its members.
  • The Project Managment Office with its staff coordinates the construction, maintenance and day-to-day running of the park and buildings.
  • A select commitee of external experts controls our selb-imposed goals of historical authenticity and scientific accuracy.


But above and beyond this, the park needs......YOU!


Our project offers a wide range of possibilities to those willing to support it:

You could join our society as a member, help us as an active volunteer, or even become a sponsor or donor.

Support this amazing joint educational effort - and helf us grow!


Join now!



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Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 6pm